Why iKantam

Reasons to choose iKantam as your IT provider: Ruby on Rails and iOS development

We’re Your Technical Co-Founder

You will get an experienced technical co-founder with no equity shared! We are the forefront of technology when it comes to UI, front and backend development, testing, online marketing, etc.

We’re Tailored for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Our entire process – confidential consultation that will save you $1000s, detailed project planning phase, MVP (lean startup) approach, agile development, post-development maintenance – enables you to be flexible, introduce thousands changes to the project at any stage and see frequent progress.

Metrics-Driven Development

Your dedicated Project Manager will work with you to define measurable metrics to track during the development phase. This will allow you to closely monitor the progress achieved during each sprint

Post-Development Growth

Once the project is live we adjust our attention to post-development support that includes both technical and online marketing components. Whenever possible we provide talent for both. If online marketing experts are unavailable at the time we provide consultation with the goal to grow traffic, increase engagement, retention, and revenue using tools like A/B split tests and funnel analysis.

Agile Contracts

Fixed fee arrangements provide zero flexibility – change requests require new terms, negotiation, & new estimates that will considerably slow down the development progress. What if you decide to drop a feature you are already paying for with a fixed contract? Our agile development flow helps to avoid all of the above – no changes to contracts. You can add or delete features whenever you require while still keeping an eye on the costs.

Fantastic Customer Support

We recruit top talent coming from the best local universities and train them based on our own development philosophy and approach. We are passionate about our industry and the projects we work on. You’ll get daily updates, weekly calls and regular product demonstrations so you can see exactly what’s happening with your project. Run into some issues? You are always able to contact our CEO with his direct email and phone line.

Intellectual Property Protection

We recommend and prompt our customers to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements from the start of our cooperation. NDAs protect both your ideas and code. We do not outsource work; all projects are completed by our in-house team, so it prevents from any sort of ‘leakages'

No Hype

We are highly motivated to see your project through successfully for one simple reason – our business success depends on your success. We aim to build with our customers long-term relations that last for years. Even if issues arise during our time together, we do our best to resolve them as we aim to provide the smoothest possible experience.

Development Community Contributors

We contribute to the development community in several ways: open source projects, conferences, blogging, white papers, etc. This activity helps us better see and focus on our purpose as well as allows us stay on the edge of technology. All of the above are a must if we are to play the role of your efficient technical co-founder.