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Main Reasons You Should Try Ruby on Rails

By Alex B. September 08th, 2016

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks. Since 2005, the year the first version was released, the framework has attracted more and more developers to join its ranks. It is not surprising as Rails has many interesting features. Let’s review them and see what makes the framework so appealing.



It is a model-view-controller framework developed by David Heinemeier, a Danish programmer. The code was extracted from his work on Basecamp project management tool.


Friendly Rails Community

Ruby on Rails is managed and supported by the Rails core team.  It is responsible for the management of the framework: new releases, evaluating pull-requests, adding new features, etc. Apart from the core team, there is an immense contribution from the online community:



A Perfect Choice for Beginners

Rails is a great choice for beginners. In fact, it can be called a beginner-friendly framework. Ruby on Rails has many things being automated: in most cases of coding it just assumes how you want to do something unless you decide otherwise. In addition, the framework has a clear and straightforward structure.

There are many great tutorials and courses for those who intend to learn or improve their skills. 


Full Stack and Fast

Ruby on Rails covers both front-end and back-end. So it is possible to develop the whole web application with no need to depend on a frontend or backend developer.

Moreover, the framework allows to build apps really fast due to less coding required in comparison with other frameworks and techniques. Rails is a perfect choice for MVP (minimum viable product). No wonder that many start-ups select this framework. 


A Great Number of Gems

Ruby on Rails has a big collection of gems that simplify an entire coding process. With a list of great ready solutions you may concentrate on the idea and not waste your time reinventing the wheel. 


Some of the Biggest Sites Are Built with Rails

There is a lot of popular websites built with Ruby on Rails. The list speaks volumes: Basecamp, GitHub, Soundcloud, Airbnb, etc.


Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework with lots of advantages. It is a good choice both for mvp or big complex apps. The main advantages are obvious: active Rails community, lots of useful documentation and gems, clear coding syntax and relative simplicity for beginners and more. 

Alex B.

Alex B.

Project Manager at iKantam

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