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By Alex B. October 21st, 2016

There are numerous ways to study and improve Ruby on Rails level. Whether getting valuable knowledge from books or podcasts or enrolling into an online course or trying some tutorial, you are sure to open the door into one of the most popular development fellowships - Rails community. 

There is no wonder that such educational materials are in great demand nowadays. The framework is very popular: more and more young developers take up Ruby coding, more and more start-ups favour it over other frameworks. We know the main reasons for such popularity.

However, today I will focus on a particular source of information that might of use to Rails developers. The potential of visual guides cannot be overestimated: sometimes it is enough to see something once instead of reading about it endlessly.

Let’s see what Ruby/Ruby on Rails videos are worth watching.


Ruby Programming Tutorial (TheNewBoston YouTube channel)

With over 1.3 million subscribers the channel provides a lot of computer related tutorials: Ruby, CSS, Adobe, ReactJS, AngularJS, Python, etc. There are 32 Ruby programming videos.

Pricing: free.

Average episode time: 5 min.


Ruby on Rails Lectures (Spokane Community College)

The Rails playlist includes 29 video lectures. Dave Jones, the lecturer at Spokane Community College, covers essential Rails topics: layouts and navigation, query string, model-less forms, pagination, user authentication and others. These are useful lectures for beginners.

Pricing: free.

Average episode time: 30 min.



It is a popular archive of Rails episodes presented by Ryan Bates.

Each episode is a short screencast that aims at certain technique explanation and problem solving. Most videos have text versions available. The themes covered in Railcasts are for intermediate Rails developers.

Despite the fact that new episodes have not been released since June 2013, the website remains the great source of useful information.

Pricing: free.

Average episode time: 10-15 min.



It’s a great repository with more than 450 Ruby tutorial screencasts. It’s not for beginners: the channel is for Rails developers who are eager to achieve the next lever of code mastery.

RubyTapas includes short, focused videos that introduce audience to "a wide variety of intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques, object-oriented design principles, testing practices, refactoring skill, and more." Videos are released twice a week.

Pricing: paid subscription plans + freebies.

Average episode time: 5 min.


Destroy All Software

The collection includes 5 seasons so far with 18 episodes each. Videos focus on TDD, refactoring, RSpec, app building, git tips and more.

Pricing: paid subscription plans.

Average episode time: 10 min.


Ruby on Rails Essential Training (by Kevin Skoglund)

The episodes are presented by Kevin Skoglund, the lead developer and expert trainer from Nova Fabrica, web development agency. The video course is a perfect choice for beginners. The author guides students through all steps that are necessary to build a complete Rails application. Among other topics: building database-driven, object-oriented models, route incoming requests, processing and validating form date and more.

Pricing: paid subscription plans + free trial available.

Average episode time: 8 min


Video tutorials have a big potential for Ruby/Rails learners. Together with other sources and learning materials they build a solid groundwork for your further education. 

Alex B.

Alex B.

Project Manager at iKantam

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