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Ruby on Rails Podcast on Your Terms

By Alex B. May 18th, 2016

In previous articles we covered the most popular sources of information (and inspiration too) to start learning Rails or enhance your programming level: from tutorials and books to online courses and schools. All of them do a good job in “developer’s upbringing”. However, there is one more source worth mentioning – Ruby on Rails podcast.

Podcasts have a lot of functions: they both educate and entertain listeners. What is more, they are convenient to use as it is possible to listen to expert talks wherever and whenever you like (even when doing something else). So podcasts can be called “radio shows on your terms”.

Let’s make a short review of the most useful Ruby on Rails podcasts and screencasts available on the web. 




The Ruby on Rails podcast is presented by Code School. Episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday.

The hosts of the show cover the latest news in the Ruby and Rails community: the most popular techniques and trends, solutions and ideas from recent Ruby events. Experts are often encouraged to visit the studio to share their experience and give some useful tips.

Average episode duration: 5 minutes. 


Ruby Rogues


Ruby Rogues covers topics related to programming, community and even career opportunities. The hosts often invite Ruby experts to discuss the most interesting themes. Episodes are updated each Wednesday.

Average episode duration: an hour. 




It is a popular archive of Rails episodes presented by Ryan Bates.

Each episode is a short screencast that focuses on certain technique explanation and problem solving. Most videos have text versions available. The themes covered in Railcasts focus on intermediate Rails developers.

Despite the fact that new episodes have not been released since June 2013, the website remains the great source of useful information.

Average episode duration: 10-15 min. 


The Bike Shed


Each Wednesday the hosts of The Bike Shed talk about development experience and challenges with Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

Average episode duration: 40 min.


The Ruby on Rails Podcast (by 5by5)


A popular Ruby on Rails podcast released weekly. The hosts invite interesting guests to the studio to talk about Rails facts and trends.

Average episode duration: 1 hour 15 min.


The Ruby Show


It is a big archive of Ruby-related episodes, featuring news and talks about the recent themes in the Ruby and Rails communities.

Although the archive has not been updated since March 2013, it is considered to be a perfect Ruby archive with tons of useful information. 

Average episode duration: 25 min.




RubyTapas is the database of short screencasts released twice a week (every Monday and Thursday). It claims to help Rails developers to reach the next level of code mastery by introducing them to a big variety of intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques.

Most screencasts are available by paid subscription, though there are free episodes as well.

Average episode duration: 3 min. 


There are plenty of audio and video materials created by enthusiasts and experts. Make use of them: podcasts and screencasts are good ways to improve your Rails level.   

Alex B.

Alex B.

Project Manager at iKantam

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