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By Alex B. March 16th, 2016

Web development industry is not static. It is quite the opposite: new methods and ideas appear and get popular within a moment. The concept that seems weird and not generally accepted may become a trend. Technology is constantly improved and changed. Progressive developers cannot afford themselves staying behind. 

One of the best ways to be in the centre of web development trends is to visit conferences (either big full stack development events or specific ones devoted to one technology). Tech conferences give opportunity to exchange experience, communicate with other developers and improve skills in your sphere.  There is no shortage of them. However, I would like to focus on popular annual events which are a must for Ruby developers.  Ruby is meant to “help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy” according to Yukihiro Matsumoto. So let’s make a list of conferences that you can visit and increase your already high level of happiness as a Ruby programmer.  


Ancient City Ruby (USA)


St. Augustine, the oldest American city, arranges one of the most prominent Ruby events. The hosts can boast of  traditionally interesting workshops and great speakers. No way to miss it when you are somewhere around in Florida.

Twitter: @ancientcityruby

Since 2014


Barcelona Full Stack Fest (Spain)


The biggest city in Spain hosts one of the greatest tech events dating back to 2012. More than 1700 attendees from 50 countries visited the first 3 editions of Barcelona Ruby Conference and one edition of Barcelona Future JS.

Now the annual event is known as Full Stack Fest and it covers not only Ruby experience. The conference lasts for almost a week. The week is usually divided into two-day blocks devoted to backend and frontend technologies. Many famous speakers participate in the talks. So no wonder that Full Stack Fest attracts so many developers from all over the world. 

Twitter: @FullStackFest

Since 2012


Bath Ruby Conference (UK)


The Romans used to praise this city for its hot thermal springs and awesome spa resorts. Nowadays it is a popular place of interest among tourists due to its huge historical and cultural heritage.

Among tech community the city is known for its annual ruby events.The hosts invite to listen to fantastic speakers who give both technical and non-technical talks on numerous Ruby subjects.

Twitter: @BathRuby

Since 2015


EuRuKo (Europe)


European Ruby Conference is a major tech event in Europe that has been held annually since 2009. Each year a new city has honour to meet attendees. 

Twitter: @euruko

Since 2003


MountainWest RubyConf (USA)


Salt Lake City is an annual venue for big Ruby events. Traditionally great talks and a friendly, welcoming environment are guaranteed for everyone.

In 2016 it was announced to be the last 10th conference. Nevertheless, the event left a lot of materials and videos which are worthwhile checking. 

Twitter: @mwrc 

Since 2007


NordicRuby (Sweden)


Swedish conferences have been held since 2010 and have attracted rubyists, entrepreneurs and designers from all over the world. Great speakers and relaxed inspiring atmosphere contribute to overall popularity of the event and appeal to many developers. 

Conference setting makes it special and different from all other Ruby events. Nordic Ruby is an all-inclusive retreat at a Japanese spa on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s focused on giving all of the attendees an amazing shared experience, where the talks are just a small piece of it. The breaks are the most important part.

Potential speakers are always welcome to join the event: speaker request forms are available on the website for a limited period of time. 

Twitter: @nordicruby

Since 2010


RailsClub (Russia)


It is the largest Russian Ruby Conference held in Moscow.

RailsClub used to start as a small meetup of about 30 participants. Now it is visited by about 400-500 people annually.

Each year hosts try to invite the most famous speakers from Ruby community: Ruby contributors, Ruby Hero nominees, creators of popular brands, members of Ruby Core Team. 

Twitter: @railsclub_ru

Since 2009


RailsConf and RubyConf (USA)


These are the largest Ruby events that have been organized by Ruby Central, a non-profit organization, since early 2000s.  

Both conferences make great platforms to meet other Rubyists and discuss the most current issues in Ruby world. 

Twitter: @railsconf and @rubyconf

RubyConf: since 2001

RailsConf: since 2006


RedDotRubyConf (Singapore)


One of the most prominent Ruby events in South-East Asia held since 2011. It can boast of great speakers and workshops.  

Twitter: @reddotrubyconf

Since 2011


Ruby on Ales (USA)


Promoted as “a reunion of friends and colleagues” the event provides a good opportunity for Rubyists to discuss and learn something new.

Twitter: @rubyonales

Since 2011


RubyConf Australia (Australia)


The biggest Ruby conference in Australia. It encourages Rubyists from all over the world to visit the Gold Coast for sharing and learning. The conference can boast of popular speakers, workshops and social events.

Videos from previous years can give some idea about the event.

Twitter: @rubyconf_au

Since 2013


RubyConf Brasil (Brazil)


One of the largest Ruby events in Latin America. About 1000 attendees visit this landmark conference annually. 

Twitter: @rubyconfbr

Since 2008


RubyConf India (India)


The major Ruby event in India organized in association with Ruby Central. It is an international conference focused on the language, frameworks and tools. Apart from native speakers the event invite famous international Ruby specialists. The conference is fully in English.

Twitter: @rubyconfindia

Since 2010


RubyConfLT (Lithuania)


Annual Ruby conference held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The event attracts Ruby developers from Europe who get a great opportunity to listen to experts.

Twitter: @RubyConfLT

Since 2008


RubyKaigi (Japan)


One of the biggest Ruby events in Japan since 2006. Includes traditionally strong keynote speakers and busy schedule.

RubyKaigi mainly focuses on Ruby not on Rails. So it is recommended to visit this event for programmers interested in the language.

It is not easy to become a speaker at the conference. Only high-lever speakers can be granted a talk at RubyKaigi. However, any potential speaker is welcome to share his ideas or apply for CFP.   

Twitter: @rubykaigi

Since 2006


RubyFuza (South Africa)


African Ruby conference has been held since 2011 and has become one of the major tech events on the continent. 

Twitter: @rubyfuza

Since 2013


WindyCityRails (USA)


Each September ChicagoRuby, a group of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, organizes WindyCityRails. The event is promoted as the best opportunity to improve your technical skills and meet the top minds in RoR community. 

Potential speakers are encouraged to send their proposals. Presentations are to be Rails-oriented that provide attendees with useful and practical knowledge. However, other topics can be considered as well. 

Videos from past years can explain why this event is so popular. 

Twitter: @WindyCityRails

Since 2008


Wroc_love.rb (Poland)


Wroc_love.rb is promoted as a Ruby event for advanced developers. However, any Ruby programmers are welcome to visit “the best Java conference in the Ruby world”. It is a great environment to learn, experiment and discuss.

Videos from previous events speak volumes.

Twitter: @wrocloverb

Since 2012


It’s worthwhile visiting Ruby conferences to improve your tech level, share experience or just meet your friends. 

Alex B.

Alex B.

Project Manager at iKantam

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