Babysitters freelance marketplace

This freelance marketplace was launched to disrupt traditional listings websites where people search for babysitters services and also to compete with popular freelance websites that are covering a wide range of services and too complicated to use by most of the people. With the solution we developed it literally takes a few minutes for a customer to open up an account, post a job offer and get responses from nearby professionals. 


Although the project is a fully custom freelance marketplace using of the existing p2p marketplace platform ( that was previously developed by our team. It has most of the features out of the box so we were mostly working on front end portion of the site. This approach allowed us to save a lot of time and resources on bugs testing and launch MVP version within just 5 weeks.


With the help of great team we started to turn into life the core idea of this project - to simplify the process as much as possible, make it smooth and friendly still providing strong security and privacy.  


Our team helped to launch a new startup to compete with traditional freelance websites targeting a specific category of customers that are looking for babysitter service and professionals that deliver such service. Core features of the project are to make customers and professionals easily find and work with each other under strong safety and security services provided by the platform. 



Technology Stack
  • Zend
  • PHP
  • Stripe
  • Amazon AWS
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Mailchimp APi
  • Twilio API