DoubleClick API Dashboard with Advanced Marketing Capabilities

Electric Symphony Media is a web application that brings advanced marketing features to the advertisers such as efficient search and social strategies.


The main idea was to create a place with strong functionality so that advertisers could get and track their marketing activity from a user-friendly dashboard structure. 


The team managed to deliver the final marketing solution that included a number of useful features.

Being integrated with Double Click (for advertisers) Reporting and Trafficking API and DoubleClick Search API, the application provides a custom-built high-end dashboard allowing customers to get dynamic marketing stats based on the running campaigns and dates, build and export detailed reports in csv and excel formats, and take advantage of other multiple features.

The advertisers are able to pull reports stats on a regular basis, filter results to specific campaigns and dates, track the activity, pull in some information from DoubleClick Search and use segmentation options to get appropriate stats based on the Performace, Rich media, Conversions and In-stream video.

  • Complex marketing solution for advertisers
  • Integration with Double Click (for advertisers) Reporting and Trafficking API
  • Integration with DoubleClick Search API
  • Custom Report Builder tool
  • User-friendly structure and advanced features of the web app
  • Dedicated team of 5: developers, testers and analysts
  • Full-service cycle: analysis, prototyping, engineering, testing
  • Implementation in sprints, QA
Technology Stack
  • PHP / Symfony 2.6
  • PHP 5.5
  • jQuery, jQueryUI
  • Less / WinLess - pre-processors
  • MySQL
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • AWS | Amazon EC2 - Hosting
  • Amazon Linux AMI
  • Apache 2.4.10 - Web server
  • DCM / DFA Reporting and Trafficking API
  • DoubleClick Search API
  • OAuth2 - Google APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization
  • DateRangePicker - datepicker library
  • HighCharts .js - chart library
  • Chosen Select - dropdown plugin

This was a very tough project and they took it on for a reasonable cost and delivered a top end product. They were very responsive and detailed in their approach. They were able to jump on Skype and do conference calls so their location for us was not an issue. We will continue to work with them in the future on other projects. 

Dave Hassard, Managing Partner at Electric Symphony Media