eSourcing Solution

Developed by procurement professionals, Market Dojo offers multiple web-hosted software solutions that aim to assist in multiple areas of the procurement process. The product is On-Demand eSourcing Solution developed by experts has the capability to run questionnaires, RFQs, both forward and reverse online auctions for an unlimited variety of sourcing and asset disposal activities. Market Dojo also offers fully weighted capability, free Sandpit tool and public sector functionality. There are several SAAS products for different spheres of usage, for example such as online auctions, supplier information management, category spend analysis, etc.


Our challenge was to develop complex multifunctional system with a great number of features within it. As this product is a part of big industry of marketing and e-auctions it was necessary to study this field to put all the client’s ideas into life. Another important aim of this software is to de-mystify the market by providing customers with what they need to carry out various activities successfully under their own control.


The solution we came to was to create such software on the market that will take the complexity out of professional e-Sourcing and the one that is specifically aimed at bringing e-Sourcing capabilities in-house. So we gathered a team of qualified developers and designers with the necessary experience and skills to meet all client requirements.



In the end – We delivered a fully custom solution that a lot of companies from different fields find a use to. By implementing a tool dedicated to conducting negotiations with suppliers, the software is able to help companies to streamline the process and maximize the results. Marketdojo has great support and is 100% client-centered. It provides help videos, user guides, forum and live chat for help. Moreover, it has a great number of useful features, such as:

  • Integrated questionnaires
  • Sandpit: the ability to understand the work of software being ether a Participant or a Host
  • RFQ events
  • Online message board
  • Custom software: any client has the ability to export their own data, company colours and logo, import database, create document library etc.


Technology Stack


3rd Party Components & APIs