E-commerce Preowned Furniture Marketplace

AptDeco’s mission was to change how the pre-owned furniture market operates. The customer asked our team to find a technical solution for this. The client’s vision was to provide a set of tools for both buyers and sellers to be able to make deals online “without scams, hassles, and creepy people going into your apartment!” AptDeco needed to offer a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture for the home. People can arrange pick-ups or delivery and process secure transactions through website. All items need to pass a review before getting published on website.


AptDeco was meant as an end-to-end service to encourage people to discover great furniture finds for the home again. The whole user experience was supposed to be easy and enjoyable - the easiest way to buy & sell your furniture. Keeping in mind that this was to be the first service to provide such options to users and intended to change their behavior, we had to create a powerful and intuitive UI so that people could easily make purchases and list their items. Another challenge was to provide strong security of transactions and personal information such as names, addresses and bank details. 


After a few months of work we successfully launched the first version of AptDeco marketplaces and the first sale was completed within just one hour! Since then this business continues to growand has expanded into new cities. AptDeco was also selected by Y Combinator into their program and then received funding from several investors.

  • Custom secure p2p marketplace solution
  • Simple and user friendly UI delivered
  • Secure payment and payout system integrated
  • A complete cloud back end delivered for best performance
  • Responsive design created to support all devices
  • Dedicated team of 6: engineers, designers, testers and analysts
  • Full-service cycle: requirements analysis, prototyping, UI/UX design, engineering, testing
  • Development in sprints within Scrum framework
Technology Stack
  • Zend
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Elasticsearch (search engine)
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Apache 2.4
  • PHP throght php-fpm
  • OPcache
  • Stripe Payments
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon RDS

I think they’ve performed very well. Their team is very knowledgeable, especially in the e-commerce space. I was looking for a partner who could challenge my thinking and also bring ideas to the table, which is often hard to find in an outsourcing company. iKantam does all of that, which is unique.

Reham Fagiri, Founder at AptDeco