Company Collaboration Tool

Our team developed this tool as a startup project for the US market. The founders came to us with an idea for a tool that would simplify and improve collaboration within large and small teams. It would provide the ability to share ideas and problems for collaborative solution.. The tool has advanced social networking functionality with personal profiles, content sharing, votes, pools and media storage. However, the main function is to make team members collaborate with each other while solving important problems within their company aboutits processes or its product. It is very similar to popular services such as Asana or Slack that later appeared on the market.


This service aimed to be a universal solution for a wide range of customers that should work smoothly, have powerful functionality and provide an intuitive interface. As this is a SaaS solution a reliable  back-end and media storage solution were to be designedfor using cloud tools. Another challenge was to make it accessible from all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet.


Our team of engineers and designers closely collaborated with the client during the process to fully understand the final product as there was initial uncertainty of how the back-end should work. The beta version was tested with a few teams to get feedback and finalize all features and was later released on market.

The back-end solution proved itself very reliable and scalable and allowed us to provide 100% uptime for all customers from different countries.

UI/UX was also highly rated by our users andnearly 60% of them used the tool from mobile devices to interact with each other. 

  • One of the first SaaS solutions intended to improve and simplify team collaboration process, it is used by both enterprise companies and startups to work on daily tasks and solve global problems.
  •  There are also several white-label copies running on the same back-end. Properly designed architecture and code allows our client to expand the business with very low maintenance fees. 
  • Dedicated team of 4: engineers, testers and analysts
  • Technical consultation
  • Platform support
Technology Stack
  • Node.js
  • Angular.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Twitter Bootstrap
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Amazon AWS
  • Cloudfare
  • Social APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
  • Google Calendar API

 iKantam team have the necessary skills to complete projects of bigger scale. Paul is available for feedback and communication.

Ibo Genc, Founder at Ideamatic