Multi-Vendor Marketplace and Crowdfunding eagers to help designers turn their fashion vision into reality through social sharing and funding. It focuses to build a fashion community that sells great clothes. It is aiming to attract the designers that will showcase their collections for the world to see, socially share, find fans and build their own brands.


Developing a unique e-commerce solution combining regular marketplace and crowdfunding features. The target was also to socialize the service by integrating it with some popular social networks and in addition implementing its own custom social network inside the e-commerce store.


iKantam brought a robust e-commerce and social solution.

Both buyers and sellers can take advantage of this system. It is possible to publish regular products and launch crowdfunding campaigns; like and share products; follow, report and block other users; comment products, initiate public discussions for a certain product and directly contact each other; it is also possible to configure notification settings and get the notifications inside the system; not to mention the industry standard features like refer a friend and get discount, product reviews, wishlist, and more.

  • A complex multi-vendor marketplace, crowdfunding and social portal.
  • Likes. The users can like the products using a FB like or custom like. The sellers can see all likes they received in a special section in their account; this way they can find most loyal customers.
  • Share. It is a custom sharing feature. By sharing, any user showcases his own collection of products and styles that he loves and wants to show them on the public profile page. A useful feature when the designers have a possibility to build their fan sharing network to promote their products more efficiently.
  • Follow user. A custom feature that allows users to follow each other and get notifications from those you follow in order not to miss new stuff from them.
  • Notifications. Once some event happens, any user can get a notification inside the e-store (and accompanying e-mail notification in addition).
  • Fit Guide/ Size chart. A feature that is important for a clothes designer/ seller. He can build his own fit guide or use a pre-build template that are available by default or use as a base and customize these pre-build templates.
  • Buyer and Seller communication. It is possible to contact any user on the site (unless you are blocked).
  • Transactions processed via PayPal Adaptive Payments ensuring simplicity and security for the users.
  • Responsive UI design
  • Dedicated team of developers: 2 engineers, a UI designer and a PM
  • Full service cycle: preparing mockups and prototypes, UI/UX design, back-end and server-side development, testing (QA), product support
  • Development in sprints within Scrum framework
  • Delivery time: 1 year
Technology Stack
  • Zend
  • Magento
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Git
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • PHP 5.6
  • HostGator
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google API
  • PayPal Adaptive Payment