Discover India’s Events, Artists and Music

The ultimate idea of this project was to create a comprehensive social music site like Myspace for Indian the community of artists and music fans. The main feature of the site is to allow people to discover India’s top independent artists of various genres from electronic to sufi to po and discover various music events. 


The main challenge was to create a popular music service for India. It was intended to be the best service to keep track of artists, events andvideos of the Indian live music scene. 



Musejam community was created using modern technologies and development methodologies. Itis now a popular music website in India and its audience is still growing. 

  • Popular music portal
  • Cross-platform user interface
  • Scalable solution to handle large amounts of traffic
  • Advanced media storage built with Amazon AWS
  • Dedicated team of 3 engineers
  • QA, technical support
Technology Stack
  • Laravel
  • MongoDB
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Javascript
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • AWS