PPC Management and Reporting

This tool was developed as a custom SaaS solution for global market that combines all popular PPC providers such as Google, Bing and Facebook in one place. Users can manage ads and campaigns, generate reports and optimize ad-performance. The most challenging part was to develop a reliable back-end architecture that could handle and process big data and that could be easily extended as the business grows.


Create an ultimate solution for PPC campaign management to be used by marketing agencies and individuals. Aone-stop point for ad-reporting, management and optimization.


We delivered a scalable solution built on top of an advanced AWS cloud back-end and SQL+NoSQL databases.

  • Beta version of SaaS tool released and we received highly-positive feedback
  • After some improvements the tool was launched to the public and is now actively expanding
  • Proposed back-end design proved itself as an optimal and scalable solution
  • Big data processing engine works fast providing great UX to users
  • Team of 4 back end engineers
  • Technical analysis and review
  • Automated-tests coverage
  • 24/7 technical support after beta release
  • Beta delivery time: 4 months
Technology Stack
  • Symfony2 Framework
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Amazon AWS
  • Facebook API
  • Bing API
  • Google API
  • Stripe API
  • Paypal API