Online store for nutrition brand

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Our team delivered an online store for a new nutrition products brand launched in France. It is targeting to a wide range of audience by providing nutrition solutions for almost all sports to satisfy needs of both professional athletes and people doing healthy lifestyle.

As this is the only site of the company it has several pages to present company’s features and product benefits among the store. It also has extended ecommerce features providing customers with nutrition advice, product recommendation engine, product subscription and free e-books to download.


We faced several challenges on this project. First of all we had to figure out how to combine e-store with company’s corporate website to give a complete overview of the company and provide an ability to purchase products right away. UI/UX was also a challenging job as the site has a lot of ecommerce features making it hard to compile a good layout that is fully functional across all devices including mobile phones of all screen size, laptops and even TV screens. 


Dealing with a strict timeframe we were planning to use a prebuilt Magento extension to implement products subscription with Stripe and Paypal. Finally it became the trickiest thing because most of the existing extensions didn’t work as advertised so we had to try several of them and then apply some customization to make it work.



We made it possible to allow people purchase products from anywhere and at the same place, not asking to download extra stuff such as application for a specific device or a platform.  




Technology Stack
  • Magento

  • Amazon AWS



3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Stripe API

  • Paypal API

  • Mailchimp API

  • Salesforce API