Web portal for babysitters

Babysitters is a portal for carrying parents and those who help them raise children – babysitters. It is a convenient way to find a good qualified nanny or to find a job, if you are a nanny. Any user has two options: register like a parent or like a nanny using his or her email address following by a registration email. There is also social media integration, so a user can register via Facebook.

There are full profiles of babysitters where all the necessary information is available:

 - Photos

 - Availability

 - Experience

 - Languages spoken

 - Reviews etc.

There is the same option for a babysitter who wants to know more about a child or a family where she is going to work. The chat via personal messages is available too.

The portal has a very convenient search for available babysitters near you. All they are displayed on an easy-to-use map. The user can see a pop-up where all needed data such as name, experience, price per hour and of course location. The same thing is available for nannies looking for job offers.


There was an idea to create a convenient and easy-to-use portal for parent who care about their children and for those who are able to take that care while parent are away – babysitters. So we gathered a well-qualified team to meet all the client’s requirements and deliver the project in time.


We created a portal where every babysitter and every parent feels themselves comfortable. There is a fully responsive UI design; users find it easy to operate on this portal. A very important and sensitive idea was completely turned into life.

  • Easy registration
  • Advanced profiles for both types of users
  • Integrated payment system
  • Clear job search and applying
  • Fully responsive UI that supports all screen resolutions


Technology Stack


3rd Party Components & APIs