Tailored Products Ecommerce Solution

This unique ecommerce solution was designed for a German clothing manufacturing company. The company had  modern and very advanced printing machines and were having trouble marketing all of the  all of their available manufacturing capabilities. Therefore they decided to build a brand new website with an interactive product design tool to present customers all available options. They also wanted to  combine their traditional store with a crowdfunding platform similar to Teespring to give more tools for different types of users and receive more bulk factory orders this way. 


We faced several challenges on this project. First of all, we had to deliver an advanced platform with ecommerce and crowdfunding features targeting a different audience. Several UX/UI tests and iterations were performed before we got the final UI that worked well for all customers. Another challenge was to integrate the new system with the existing manufacturing process and to deliver powerful back- end tools for orders and customer management. All of this needed to be integrated with the company’s ERP system.


The team managed to turn the idea into reality and implement all required features and ideas. We created a basic prototype at the beginning, then implemented it into the code. First MVP version received strictly positive feedback from customers and we later expanded it to include more features.

  • Ecommerce solution with all desired functions
  • Implementation into manufacturing process
  • Powerful back-end integrated with ERP
  • Clean responsive UI that works well for all types of customers
  • Interactive products configurator
  • Custom referral and bonus points system
  • Team of 3 back end developers; UI/UX specialist, front end coder and business analyst
  • Full-service cycle: prototyping, design, implementation, testing
  • Platform post-launch support
Technology Stack
  • Zend framework
  • AngularJS
  • RequireJS, FabricJS
  • WebGL
  • MySQL
3rd Party Components & APIs
  • Amazon AWS tools
  • Paypal API
  • Stripe API
  • Facebook, Google, Twtter APIs